GOP "War on Women"

Planned Parenthood originated in 1916 when Margaret Sanger, already a nationally known birth control advocate, and associates opened the first US birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. It resulted in her being jailed.

Federal funding has not been available for abortions for 30 years. Indiana Representative Pence cannot, as he claims, be calling for the end of funding for abortions. He is calling for the end of funding for Planned Parenthood, a not-for-profit organization that provides sex education, contraceptives, and regular health services for millions of women who need it the most.

This cannot be about taking the burden of funding abortions off of tax payers, since federal funding does not support abortions. So why, after almost 100 years since the founding of planned parenthood, are we taking such a huge step backward in women's rights?


  1. Sarah, I take exception to your title "GOP War on Women". I am a member of the GOP. No member of the GOP thinks he is at war with women. The term is inaccurate. Avoid insulting people if you want to persuade them. Your argument is well-taken, but it skips the core problem: Funding causes, whether causes are clearly good or debatable, is not a function of government. Causes are subjective. Love, Dad

  2. P.S. Since I sometimes enjoy insulting people, I am afraid you come by this honestly! Love Dad


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