The Rally to Restore Sanity

On Saturday I left my house at 5:00a.m. to attend Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity. I was so excited about the rally, that I stayed up all night making two posters:

Notice that I am sporting a rally T-Shirt which declares, "I disagree with you, but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler."

This was not your typical rally. First of all, it was organized by two comedians and was centered around musical performances. However with estimated attendance in the hundreds of thousands, there was more purpose to it than just a standard comedy act. The point of our demonstration? Hard to say. I think it meant something different to each person, but you can get a general idea from the great number of witty signs that were held up around the National Mall. To me, it was about being a Moderate. I'm not always going to agree with other people about everything, and that's okay.

Unfortunately, the fact is that there are a whole lot of things that I don't understand. I recognize this. But, every time I try to learn something about a topic, I feel like I'm being pressured into one bias or another instead of being told the facts and allowed to come to my own conclusions. This is incredibly frustrating. There is too much raw news for me to be able to get it all directly from the source, but I can't find a trusted mediary to deliver it to me. Media's purpose is to be that mediary, to distill the information without distorting its original intention.

The current "political climate" has produced very serious conservative movements. The people at the forefront of these movements appear to be fundamentalists, thriving on fear and hyperbole. Perhaps this is not the case, but that's how it always sounds to me. I don't believe that there are so many radical conservatives as the news represents. I think that extremists exist primarily on the fringes, and most of us are reasonable Americans. And that's what this rally was about. Getting together a large, moderate group, and demonstrating that sane people, although they occupy less time on the news, far outnumber the extremists.

There were a lot of people there.
We were so far back we couldn't even see the stage
(or the farthest back jumbo-tron, for that matter).


  1. I like the shirt. Is it actually a Rally to Restore Sanity shirt, or just a shirt that seemed appropriate for the rally? I also enjoy your second poster because I was very confused as to whether the rally was just a joke--but I know two people that traveled to D.C. to attend, so I figured they wouldn't make the trip if at least something wasn't happening there!

    It's almost reassuring to know that there is a large group of Moderates out there because sometimes it feels like the country is so polarized--even in everyday conversation, you hear about liberals and conservatives, and few people seem to admit that they are somewhere in-between.

    On a note related to your previous post, I look forward to reading your blog this month!

  2. It's actually a rally shirt. It has a picture of Jon Stewart on the back and the rally logo.

    I just hope I can think of something interesting to say every single day!

  3. Hey Sarah!

    (I found this via your twitter account)

    I agree with your view on the media this election cycle. It is especially bad in local politics. Every time I try to educate myself on the local issues and candidates I am just thrown into a roller coaster of talking points and party lines. It is just depressing. I would elaborate, but it is too late at the moment.

    Anyway, I'm glad you got to go to the rally! I really wanted to attend this rally, but I was a bit too far!

    I'm excited to read future entries!


  4. Hi, Sarah. I am giving you a book for Christmas, "The American Patriot's Handbook" by George Grant...writings of activists who wanted freedom from repression (sans TV anchor comments). The writings are absorbed in the framework of America. I read excerpts at bedtime. These people put their lives on the line so their descendants could live as free men. Love, Dad


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