OurCS 2011

In 2007 I got to attend an amazing conference at Carnegie Mellon - Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science (OurCS). During the conference I got to present research that I had done, work on a problem with a team of computer scientists led by Henry Cohn (Microsoft Research), and I got to meet Fran Allen, first woman to win the Turing Award (the highest award in CS).

Me with Fran Allen at the 2007 OurCS.
Can you tell by my smile how excited I was to meet her?

This year, CMU finally has funding to host this event for the second time. I'll get to pass on my experiences to another class of computer scientists in the making. Instead of presenting my research, I'll be reviewing and giving feedback on the research presentations that are submitted. Henry Cohn (along with a dozen other researchers) is coming back again to lead a new team on a new research problem. And Barbara Liskov (the second woman to win the Turing Award) will be one of our keynote speakers. I am thrilled that this event will be happening again. If you know any undergraduate women interested in doing research, registration for OurCS is now open, so please pass along this link!

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