Now I can measure the time between blog posts in plant growth. The cilantro, which hadn’t even sprouted at the time of my last post, is now thriving. We’ve harvested several times – for salsa, salads, chili, tacos, soup. In fact, we have so much cilantro that we can hardly eat enough to keep it from going to seed.

The hibiscus plant is a slow grower, but despite its short height, it has put on several new leaves in the last week.

The blue chrysanthemums have just started to take off. I don’t know if this is what it’s supposed to look like, but it seems healthy.

We also have a few new additions. This morning I enjoyed some green tea with peppermint from this plant.

I’m hoping these pepper plants produce this season.

Our most exciting new plants, however, are the tomatoes we planted this weekend: two heirloom and one baby tomato. We’ll need to get tomato cages soon.

And finally, the trouble child: a lettuce bowl. We harvested it the way the market seller told us to, but it just doesn’t grow back. I think half of it is gone forever and the other half takes weeks to produce half a salad. Today I harvested half a salad and filled the rest with cilantro, since that’s more abundant at the moment than the lettuce. I'll spare you a picture.

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