I am a Technical Woman

The footage for this video was gathered at the 2008 Grace Hopper Conference. Watch for me, I'm in it for almost half a second!


  1. LOL... I like the video. Sarah Loos, you are the most technical woman I know! --Abby

  2. I saw you three times in the video--how cool!

  3. If I understood my textbook correctly, it was not advocating that my students cut cheese cubes into geometric figures. Nor was it advocating that I do so and show it to my children. It was actually just recommending that I do so myself (perhaps some night when I'm feeling rather lonely?).

    My mom just read my xanga and announced that she is serving cheese cubes with our soup for lunch today so we can try cutting it into shapes...

  4. Hey Technical Woman,
    Your lack of blog updates is flagrant
    Yours T,

  5. I agree with Dan...I've been updating more than you, and you know that's not a good sign.

  6. I also spotted you three times! So, unless you are saying that those three moments add up to half a second, then you need to give yourself more credit! :-)


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