Everyone, I'd like you to meet Felix.

Felix is my wonderful new betta. I've been meaning to post pictures of him for a couple weeks, but taking pictures of a fish is surprisingly difficult. You might imagine that photographing a fish is hard because they dart around a lot, but that was not the case with Felix - he was so interested in my camera, that he is staring directly at me in almost every picture I took. My problem was the automatic focus, which would only focus on the glass in front of Felix, or the plant behind him.

Here is Felix's tank. Well, it's actually a vase I bought at TJ Maxx, but Felix doesn't seem to know the difference. I added some shells and a live plant to make it homey. I worry that he gets bored when I'm gone all day, so I also rotate other interesting items outside his tank for him to look at.

I brought back two glass companions for him from Venice. He basically ignores them, but he loves the shiny glass bobbles that they're attached to. He entertains himself by pushing them around with his nose.

I read that bettas (and other fish) can be taught a variety of tricks. I, of course, want Felix to be the smartest and most awesome betta in the world, so we are going to attempt to break the Guinness record of nine tricks learned by one fish! The first in his repertoire will be jumping to get a pellet of food stuck to my finger. We're working on it.


  1. Oh cool, the Venice fish look really awesome in there. (I like the betta fish, too.)

  2. Felix is cute :) I miss my fish. I left them at home because I worried about what I would do with them over long breaks.

    I like the glass fish. I haven't seen them in stores for several years now.

  3. Ah, so here are photos of the Felix that you told me about in your last letter! I look forward to someday seeing him jump to get a pellet of food from your hand! :) --Abby


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