Trucks, Buses, Planes, and Fish

Yesterday Nick and I returned the truck (fully fueled and with five minutes to spare). From there we walked to a nearby bus stop and took the 91A downtown. Next we got on the 28X Airport Flyer which took us to the Pittsburgh Airport (and right past a huge shopping center). I said my goodbyes to Nick, knowing that I wouldn't get to see him again before he leaves for Turkey for two years, and hopped back on the 28X to go home.

Of course I was feeling a bit sad and lonely, so instead of taking the bus directly home, I stopped at the shopping center and went into PetCo to find a pet to keep me company. That's where I purchased Felix, my new betta! He is a beautiful shade of indigo -- slightly red at the base of his fins, sweetly changing into royal blue at the tips. And he's extremely curious. He likes to swim all around his one gallon tank, and peer out at what's going on in the room. He's even comfortable enough to start building a bubble nest (not that it will be used, since there are no female bettas nearby). He does, however, take offense to the food I give him. I think the food pellets are too big for him, because he won't eat them unless I break them up before I throw them in. Anyway, welcome home Felix! I hope you like it here as much as I do!

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  1. I had 4 bettas at one time. They love frozen brine shrimp...used to come in a 2" X 3" thin plastic package. Might be available at a tropical fish specialty store. A package will probably last you six months in your freezer. Just break off a very small corner and drop it in the tank. Your boy will love it.
    Love, Dad.


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