San Marco's at High Water

We heard during dinner at the hostel that San Marco's plaza was flooded. We and four other girls decided to go check it out. When we walked down to the first floor of our hostel the entryway was already flooded. This was a normal thing for them. We waded to the front door and were able to keep our feet dry until we got to San Marco's. There it was, the whole plaza, calf deep in water. When we arrived, the live band on a platform by a restaurant was playing the theme to Titanic.

We waded through with the dozens of other people enjoying the romantic setting. Several couples were dancing through the water to the music. We left shortly after the bells in the clock tower struck midnight. We could already tell the water level was decreasing. when we got back I scrubbed my feet thoroughly in the shower. The locals warned heavily about not going into canal water. Happily my health does not appear to have been negatively affected by the excursion.

Reading Wikipedia has taught me that, although most people there called it high tide, it was actually "high water" (Acqua Alta), which is a combination of several contributing factors, but is primarily caused by high winds from storms and the natural tide.

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