Quit Bugging Me!

My landlady asked if I wanted a window A/C unit in my bedroom. I declined, since I generally think they are noisy and just block natural light. However, once I got into my new room, I realized that there is very little airflow, and that it was unpleasantly hot -- so much so that it was difficult for me to sleep. So, I emailed my landlady (who I knew was out of town) and asked if I could please, please, please have a window A/C unit. She said sure (I really like her). She said she'll install one when she gets back into town this weekend, but until then I can try one that has been sitting in the basement. Excellent!

Well, I went down to the basement and carried it upstairs (actually, Nick did most of the carrying while I held the cord so he wouldn't trip). It is in pretty bad shape -- the front cover has been ripped off, the right expander has a hole in it and the left one is missing completely, it drips condensation, and it sounds like an ill-maintained VW Beetle engine. Despite all of that, it cools magnificently. So I am quite content, though I won't reject the new one that's going in on Saturday. However, all of this is slightly off-topic for this post.

As I said, the expanders are not useful (these are the accordion plastic things that stretch out to either side of the window frame so that there are no holes). In their stead I have placed two pieces of cardboard and an expired license plate. Not surprisingly, this has left a few gaping holes. Because of this, several large bugs have found their way into my bedroom. And by large, I mean HUGE! None of them have been particularly nasty (wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, anything that can bite), but they are in the "too big to kill" category. Today I was visited by an inch long beetle that was almost an inch wide. This evening I got a grasshopper and a moth simultaneously. The grasshopper was over 3 inches long (bigger than my new fish)! And the moth had about a two inch wing span. I caught and released all three using a tupperware container. I had to catch the moth twice, since it flew back inside immediately after I released it.

If only I had found these bugs sooner, I could have mailed them to Abby for her students' insect collections. :)

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