Pretty in Pink

My step-mom, knowing that I am packing everything up and getting rid of a large quantity of stuff, suggested that I donate my ginormous collection of yarn to the YMCA knitters. This was an excellent idea! I very rarely knit anymore, and due to a large number of gifts of yarn over many years, I had amassed more skeins of mohair, plush, wool, and fun-fur than I care to admit. However, in going through my big bags of yarn, I found a plethora of unfinished projects. The sight of so many unfulfilled plans saddened me. So, I was moved to make one more piece before giving most of it away. The result: a pink and purple scarf for Abby. I had the initial idea for this scarf in high school, but never quite got around to making it. And now that she is spending the next year teaching 2nd and 3rd graders, it seems even more perfect.

I used every kind of yarn I owned that fell in my color scheme. I also wanted it to look like it could have been dreamed up by one of Abby's students, thus the frequent switching of colors and yarns. Because I wanted to switch colors frequently and in the middle of a row, I left the ends unfinished and sticking out in various places. The explosion of colors in the scarf hides them pretty well. Also, I think it adds to the "made by a third grader" look that I was going for. I'll stop making up excuses for my lazy knitting, now.

I'm setting this post to go up ten days late, so Abby ought to have received it in the mail by now. Surprise!

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  1. I did receive it, and I absolutely love love love it!!! I can't wait for it to get cold! In the meantime, I will just have to hold it and admire it frequently. :)


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