Peggy Guggenheim Collection

So, after a brief hiatus, I am back to Europe posts.

The morning after our midnight San Marco's wade, Liz and I went to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. This was definitely a highlight of Venice for me. The museum is actually Peggy's home, but the furniture was removed and it was transformed into a gallery for the pieces she collected. I found two pieces to be particularly excellent: "Bed Head" by Calder, and "developable surface" by Antoine Pevsner.

Peggy actually commissioned Calder to make a silver bedhead for her, and this was the result. I would not be averse to sleeping under it, either.

There were two sculptures by Antoine Pevsner, and both grabbed me at first glimpse. Now that I'm in the states and have done a bit more research on the artist, I think I know why I liked his work so much. He says, "Art must be inspiration controlled by mathematics. I have a need for peace, symphony, orchestration." I love it!

And finally, a picture of Peggy on her private gondola in Venice. She loved her dogs so much that she had her ashes placed next to where they were buried in her garden.

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