Lido Beach - rain or shine

We woke up to go to Lido beach, but looked outside to see a cold and cloudy day. No matter. We were determined to go (well, Liz was determined to go...). There are only two forms of transportation in Venice: walking and boating. I was nice not to watch out for bikes and wait for traffic. Since Lido is too far for a bridge to be connected to the main islands, we were required to pay 6.50 euros ($9) to cram onto a standing room only boat. When we landed on Lido we walked across the width of it to get to the beach. The moment we stepped onto the sand the sun came out and warmed us for the remainder of the afternoon. After a small snack we paid 6.50 euros again to take the canal bus back to the main islands. The boats are so jammed full of people; exactly the way you would dread foreign public transportation to be. But it was a boat! So it was awesome. It offered a really spectacular view of Venice that you can't get from land.

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