International Wrapping

On Friday I will be riding with my mom and my aunt to Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit my grandparents. While I am there I will deliver the gifts I bought for them in Europe. Being currently unemployed, I decided to take some extra time in wrapping the scarf I intend to give to my grandma (they don't have internet, so this post won't spoil the surprise).

I bought the scarf at a shop just outside the Vatican; however, I wanted to include other parts of the trip with the wrapping, thus the Eiffel tower key chain (which I bought when I saw the tower for the first time) and the L seal.

I had wanted a seal like this for years, but never found one that was just right. That is until I went to Venice. Liz and I walked into a wonderful shop that was devoted entirely to stationery and writing. The owner was the most amicable person I've ever met. Not only did he take time to demonstrate how to melt the wax, stamp the seal ("hold for one... two... two and a half... three"), and then add the gold paint with my finger, he also engaged us in conversation with his well practiced English. For the following three days that we were in Venice, whenever we would walk by his shop he would shout out to us, "Ciao, Indiana!"

I was, therefore, very anxious to use it for the first time on this gift! I think it was a successful purchase.


  1. So will this be standard wrapping procedure for all your presents from now on?


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