Florence and the Duomo

"I love Florence. It is my favorite place that we have been!! There's so much architecture. The people are super friendly. And food is cheap!
Yesterday, after we got to our hostel, we eneded up at the Duomo -- Florence's most massive and beautiful church. After we walked through it, I saw a sign for free tours. I asked about it and the woman behind the table said she was a student and just needed the practice. The tour was okay, a few too many details that went in one ear and out the other, but she was quite impressive. She spoke four languages -- Arabic was her first, but she was also fluent in English, Italian and French. Half way through, some Italian speaking tourists joined the tour, and so she would say something in English, and then repeat it in Italian!" --6/9/2009

Duomo on the left, Santa Croce on the right, River Amo in front.

The next day we returned to ascend the dome: 464 steps. I couldn't believe how huge the paintings were on the inside of the dome. Then we got to go outside on top of the dome and see a 360 degree view of all of Florence. It was beautiful.

Part of the mural close up. It was really, really big.

View from on top of the Duomo. Tuscan hills making the back drop for Florence and Santa Croce.

The dome's view of the basilica.

Liz and I pose in front of Florence and the Duomo.

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