Bike Tour Number Three

"We went on a bike tour through the country outside of Florence. I mean literally through the country. Our guide took us out of the city in a van, and then we rode for 17 miles. I didn't think 17 miles would be all that far, but when it is all up hills that I previously thought were too steep for bikes, it is a bit more challenging. I spent a lot of time in my lowest gear.

The destination was well worth the hard work. We went to a winery/olive oil place. There we ate a picnic lunch - sandwiches with olive oil and wine. Both were grown from the vines and trees we could see down the hill. Pretty fantastic. Then we got a tour of their winery and a lesson in how olive oil is made, finishing with a short wine tasting.

The group we went with was made up of five girls. We were all at approximately the same fitness level - which made me happy because before we left some were talking about bikes with clip in pedals and they sounded pretty intense. I was intimidated.

Afterward Liz and I treated ourselves to showers and gelato - Pistachio, Crema di Grom, and Apricot!"

- 6/10/2009

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