"When we got on the train to Marseilles, I put my ticket in the pocket in the back of the seat in front of me for safe keeping and easy access. Minutes later the ticket slipped through the bottom of the pocket and down a slit in the back of the chair - I expected it to drop onto the floor, but there was no opening at the bottom. It was gone forever, consumed by the ticket hungry chair. I worried that when the train attendant found me ticketless he would toss me from the train - barely slowing down. Luckily Liz was there to explain my situation to him in French. He was understanding, he laughed at me a bit, but overall he was understanding."
- 6/1/2009

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  1. I have great fears of losing tickets. I'm not sure where this comes from, as I have never (to my best recollection) actually lost a ticket. I'll have to remember not to let hungry chairs eat my ticket, though. That's one I've never worried about before!


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