Notre Dame de la Garde

We had only one day in Marseilles, so after dropping off our bags we left the hotel and went sight seeing. Our primary stop: Notre Dame de la Garde. It is a church perched on the top of a hill overlooking the entire city. Most people don't realize how big Marseilles really is (I didn't). With a population of 1 million it is, besides Paris, the largest city in France, and you can see the entirety of it from this hill. Liz suggested we take a train to the top. I, being very lazy, agreed. However, when we got to the start of the train there were no tracks... very curious. In fact, we were not going on the romantic and sophisticated train ride up the mountain that I had envisioned -- it was better. Most people have seen the trams at theme parks that will take people to the far-away parking lots. They are basically a big golf cart in the front with several passenger cars hooked onto one another trailing behind. This "train" was one of those... but decorated to look like a steam engine. It was fantastic! I felt like I was at Disney World. Liz and I sat in the very last row of the very last car. It was very exciting, but I was concerned we would not make it to the top... "I think I can; I think I can..."

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  1. Actually, I'd have to say that the exclamation point after "Write some code!" does make it more exciting. :)
    You make me smile.


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