Museum Pass in Amsterdam

After our visit to the Hague, we returned to Amsterdam for two more days of touring. We bought the I AMsterdam card, which allowed us access to all the museums we wanted to see for 24 hours. A marathon event, you could say.

Rijks Museum: Under construction so everything was very compact. Lots of Rembrandt, who I don't seem to like very much, and a few Vermeer. I liked the Mauritshuis better.
Old Church (Oude Kerk): Had a world press photography gallery in it, which was very impressive. The strange thing about this 14th century church is the neighborhood that sprung up around it - the Red Light District. Such stark contrast between the church and the prostitutes across the street from it.
New Church (Nieuwe Kerk): Very similar to old church, so not as exciting, however I found the height of the ceilings quite astonishing. It was built in the 15th century, to accommodate the growing population of Amsterdam.
Van Gogh Museum: Really interesting to see the progression of his work, but also a bit monotonous to see only works by one artist. My favorite - Almond Blossom.

We ended the day at a sandwich shop where I indulged in some Tom Yum soup. Yum.
- 5/26/2009

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