Jet Lagged on The Vita-Nova

"We are staying in the Vita-Nova. It's a house boat on a canal near the central train station and the public library. Don't worry, it's well anchored, so there's no chance of canal sickness. We have a private room that is seven feet squared and has bunked very narrow beds, a sink and a mirror, a tiny closet, and a table and chair. We also have a tiny porthole. It's perfect!
We wanted to go on a walking tour of the city today - thought it would be a good introduction - but we had an hour to kill before the tour started. One thing led to another and we fell asleep... and overslept. Missed the tour by five minutes. Alas, I think the nap was worth it."
— 5/21/2009 6:10pm
Our view from the Vita Nova. That is Sint Nicolaaskerk in the background. We tried to visit it several times, but it was never open (eventhough it should have been according to its hours of operation).


  1. I had to laugh when I read the sentence on your previous post about there being no problems with your flight except your inability to sleep and the airport worker mistaking Liz for your twin. It was the twin thing that made me chuckle.

    My sister recently flew to Chicago, and she was mistaken for a child under 12. An airport worker asked if Chris was "with her", for otherwise she would have to board with a flight attendant. (Which would make Chris her father?? Older brother?? Some sort of authority figure in her life ...)

  2. Oh, and in response to the standardized testing in my life ...

    I did manage to get around the extra tests in California by only applying to the Orientation and Mobility program, which does not require any standardized tests. The visual impairments program wanted me to already have taken the tests necessary for a California teaching license (as you need a valid teaching license to enter the program). I will have a valid KANSAS license, which requires three standardized tests, which are completely different from the two that California requires. (For some reason, one of them would have worked had I taken it between 1986 and 2002, but after 2002 (or before 1986) you can't use those scores.)

    Are people just TRYING to complicate my life right now?!

    At any rate, it works out fine. Should I end up at SFSU, during my first year there, I'll be studying O&M, which I want to study anyway, and they'll help me figure out how to get into the visual impairments program. They promised me that although it's complicated for out of state students, it does work out. I'm sure it does.

    Now I need to go get liability insurance. Apparently I have to have it by July 31. (I told you people are trying to complicate my life! Further evidence! And North Carolina Central University seems to want my immunization records with my application. What is THAT about?)


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