Indiana and Flunch

Food was very expensive in France. Liz and I primarily lived on bread an fruit. We ate at restaurants only twice, and both times were disastrous.

The first: Indiana
We decided we had to eat there because of its name... It had a picture of an Indian on the front of it, and served Tex-Mex food. I ordered a quesadilla because at $10 it was the cheapest thing on the menu. The food arrived and it was a really small tortilla with not-all-the-way-melted cheese. Very disappointing, especially after such an exciting name for the restaurant.

The second: Flunch
This was in Aix en Provence, the town Liz stayed in for her study abroad. Liz said she and the other American students ate there at least once a week. After all, it was all you can eat for $8.50, which was a steal in France. I was very excited about it, until I saw and tasted the food. All you can eat is not worth it if all you can eat are the French fries. It gave me a stomach ache for the rest of the day.

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