Indiana ✈ Amsterdam

Our Travel Itinerary:
May 19:
10:00pm Drive from Indy to Chicago
04:00am Fall asleep on Liz's brother's dorm room floor
May 20:
06:30am Wake up
07:30am Catch trains to Midway
12:27pm Midway ✈ Atlanta Departure
05:15pm Atlanta ✈ Amsterdam Departure
May 21:
08:15am Arrive in Amsterdam

There were no issues with traveling, excepting my inability to sleep on the international flight and the Atlanta airport worker mistaking Liz as my twin, so we arrived in Amsterdam right on time:

"Crossing the English Channel landing gear is down — I am officially a European tourist!
Holland is beautiful, and all I've seen of it is about 15 minutes from the air. There is SO much water - it looks like the farms are floating rather than water flowing over land. And so many different crops - one field is green, the next yellow, then brown, then livestock (cows maybe?), then a plot of trees all in rows. None of the fields are in a typical Midwestern grid, instead they follow the water patterns. I saw a highway round-about! Who knew those existed? And a beautiful cloudy sky over the North Sea. I can't wait to leave the plane."
— 5/21/2009 8:15am

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