Google Chrome and my Summer Internship

Please allow me to take a short break from my Euro-Trip blogging to tell you some good news and some bad news.

I visited Google last month and was informed over a delicious Google lunch that my project had been scrapped. This means it will not be released to the public, and I can therefore never discuss it with anyone. Very sad.

My host went over to work on Google Chrome (Google's web browser). When I emailed him recently he said that some of my code is now being used in Google Chrome! I love Google Chrome! I have no idea how my code is being used, or even which parts of it, but it is comforting to know it has not been deleted entirely.

If you are a geek, and you would like to read the web comic about Google Chrome, go here. If you are interested in downloading a super fast browser that looks nicer than Explorer and Firefox, go here, you'll never look back.

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  1. Hi

    Google Chrome is Open Source maybe you can find your code digging in the chrome codebase. I also found a lot of familiar C++ code there :)



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