Far Away Relatives

Meeting my cousin (*ahem* third cousin once removed, but what difference does that make?) was a highlight for my trip. We had corresponded about our shared family history a few times (see lospolin.blogspot.com and lospolin.pbworks.com), and when I told her Elizabeth and I would be in Amsterdam, she invited us to stay with her family in the Hague. I have to say that the Hague was even more beautiful than Amsterdam. The Parliament buildings were my favorite.

Elizabeth, Marisa, and I in front of Parliament.

The first evening we were there I experienced my first trilingual meal: English, Spanish, and Dutch. Their son learned Dutch and Spanish from his father and mother, and English from the internet and TV. Marisa is an artist and you can see some of her wonderful work at marisapolin.blogspot.com.

While we were in the Hague, we...

visited the Mauritshuis Museum,
saw Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring,
traveled Delft,
drank Hoegaarden in a bar,
went to a gallery opening,
ate gyros and olives,
ate real home cooked Mexican food,
relaxed in a Japanese garden,
enjoyed bike rides in proper bike lanes,
put our feet (or in my case, just my toes) in the North Sea,
and ate salt cured herring by the tail.

— 5/23 - 5/25/2009

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