Bike Thief

For our first full day in Paris we went on a bike tour. We found bike tours to be an excellent way to take a day off from walking and get acquainted with a new city. The Parisian bike tour was slightly more dangerous than the one in Amsterdam due to a lack of proper bike lanes and an increase in crazy traffic.

The bike tour took a lunch break at a café stand in the Jardin des Tuileries. We parked our bikes in a row right next to the café. In the middle of the meal someone yelled - "Hey, someone is stealing our bikes!" Our tour guide sprang out of his chair and sprinted after them. He tackled the slower one to the ground and went after the second guy. But, seeing his fallen buddy and half the café wait staff running toward him, the thief hopped off the bike voluntarily. When the guide and waiters returned with the bikes, everyone at the outdoor café cheered. It was quite eventful. Liz and I agreed that this added value to the tour.
- 5/28/2009

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