Fort Wayne, Indiana

At 7:00 this morning I started my trip to Fort Wayne.  (It was only a three hour drive.)  The pace of life here is much slower than the sleepless nights I had gotten used to during finals week and graduation.  

Today, after being greeted by lots of hugs, I sat and chatted until lunch.  Then I fell asleep, and was awakened just in time for dinner.  After hand washing all the dishes, I took a short walk around the neighborhood with my mom, and returned just in time to see Jeopardy.  Now, I'm about to be ushered out of the closing library where I've been mooching internet for half an hour.  This is the good life.  Too bad it won't last.

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  1. In regards to your breakfast comment --

    I actually do both! This morning I had a baked potato for breakfast. Yesterday for lunch, I had cereal (specifically, Corn Pops). I, too, greatly enjoy breakfast food! (Corn Pops, however, are probably not a good example of a highly nutritious breakfast food.)



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