University of Washington

In March I got to visit the University of Washington in Seattle.  During the visit, I saw the world's first Starbucks and Pike Place Market (including fresh fish tossed through the air at customers).  While I was there, I stayed with a current UW grad student.  She lived in Fremont, so I also toured that area, which seems to be amassing a collection of over-sized statues.  Both of the following pictures were taken within a few blocks of my host's apartment.  (We passed almost a dozen coffee shops while we walked around.  People in Seattle are crazy about them!)

This very intimidating troll guards the bridge he lives under.  Luckily he isn't very spry, so Laura and I got to climb all over him.  

Originally found in a dumpster in Russia, Lenin stands for sale here by an enterprising Fremont resident, who mortgaged his home to transport it back in the early 1990s.  He felt the unique "workman's pose" of the statue distinguished it as art, and was his inspiration for rescuing it from the scrap yard.  The current asking price is $250,000.  


  1. I was going to ask if you had heard from grad schools yet/have chosen one, but then I scrolled down and saw that you are going to Pittsburg (gosh, I have been so out-of-touch this year). I am not sure what CMU stands for though. I am still not sure where I'm going. I was accpeted at California State, but I decided to turn them down because I wouldn't get to do what I really wanted. So now I'm hoping that I didn't blow my chances of grad school this year, and that I will be accepted at one of the other schools I applied to... Sean is going to Emory, which is in Atlanta. Is that where your mom lives?

  2. Boy, that must have been one frickin big dumpster.


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