Pittsburgh -- My New Home

I decided that I was going to post about all of my travels, but I have not been doing very well.  Anyway, I'll continue on to talk for a bit about my trip to Pittsburgh to visit CMU at the end of February.  

It was amazing!  The people there were extremely hospitable.  Before my trip I was frequently told that CMU was great, but it was too bad I'd have to live in Pittsburgh if I went there.  That's just not true.  Pittsburgh (or at least the parts of it CMU introduced me to) was a lovely city.  I loved how the industrial setting came out of the natural beauty of western Pennsylvania without overpowering it: steel bridges over lots of rivers, tall buildings in an urban center close to campus, all nestled in rolling green hills.  I imagine it will be spectacular in Autumn... but biking will be more strenuous than my flat Kansas home.

There were lots of reasons, beyond the city itself, why I chose to attend CMU in the Fall, but I'm sure you can guess most of them, so I won't drag on with them here.  I'll just say that I'm thrilled about joining this university and making Pittsburgh my home for the next 5-7 years.  I think I will thrive there.


  1. i'm glad you found a school and surrounding that you like! the part of PA i visited was a lot like where i live now and not very industrial.
    apparently some 'culinary' delights of pennsylvania include hamloaf and something that involved leftovers of cow (maybe called a scramble? scrabble? i don't remember now..)
    if you haven't visited amish country before, lancaster is a great tourist-y way to get aquainted with it. we have something like that here called 'amish acres.' the venue is corny, but i learned a lot about the amish.

  2. If you need a Clumber fix in Pittsburgh, let me know. Your mom can vouch for me, I think! I'm across campus, in CFA.

  3. g is referring to scrapple. that's not a 'burgh thing.


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