Latest Glaze

Yesterday the Undergraduate Women in Informatics and Computing got to know each other over some artistic expression at Latest Glaze (a pottery painting studio in Bloomington).  This was one of the two events I organized as the undergraduate co-president of WIC.  It was actually very little work, since the owner of Latest Glaze is so organized.  

Here are a few of the beautiful pieces we made:

Another Calder inspired piece from Nick.

A view of half the table. 

My cup was covered with Tulips.  I filled the inside with them, too.  It turned out looking a bit more seasonal than I would have liked, but perhaps in the winter it will remind me of warmer days.  

We'll get to see how they all turn out when we pick them up on Thursday!  I can't wait!


  1. Oh, I do love painting pottery! But since when is Nick an undergraduate woman?

    Regarding working from my boss's home ... That's just the sort of thing that happens where I work. It's a very quirky group. It is also quite possibly the nicest and most pleasant group that I have ever worked for. I have good luck in that department, I think.

  2. He's an ally. We had a few people there who were not technically undergraduate women in computing, but the balance was good. :)

  3. hi sarah!your potery looked beautiful.How did you make the potery?

  4. hi sarah, how have you been doing?
    sorry that i havent been doing any posts and comments to you.


    adam (from the plane)


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