Sarah Palin's Political Career

It all started when she crossed over from simple 'hockey mom' to a member of the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association).  From that starting point to now, 16 years later, her career has taken off at an astonishing pace.

1992: Wasilla City Council
1996: Mayor of Wasilla, population 5,469
2002: Lost campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Alaska
2003: Chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
2006: Governor of Alaska, population 683,478
2008: ??? Vice President of the United States, pop 305,054,000 ???

It is unfortunate that the first woman on a strong presidential/vice presidential ticket is such a weak candidate.  Her political stance on equal pay, abstinence only sex education, and abortion would limit the rights of American women.  If elected, I fear her inexperience will cause her to be a poor leader, and thus a poor example of what a female leader can be.  I believe electing Governor Palin would be a step backward for women's rights and the feminist movement, not to mention a poor choice of leadership for the entire nation.


  1. I have a whole rant worked out about the hypocrisy of protecting some lives and not others, but I doubt that you want to hear it. I mostly agree with your assessment here, but would add that Palin's stance on various women's issues isn't the only reason to deny this ticket your vote.

  2. I began writing the post by listing _all_ of Palin's beliefs that I disagreed with, but I realized at that point that I was basically rewriting a list of all of her beliefs. I figured if people wanted to know, they could just look up a list of her political positions themselves:

    Since the Republicans appear to have chosen her in hopes of re-claiming some of the female vote from Obama, I focused on three things specific to women's rights. And I tried not to rant too much. ;)

  3. Mrs. Palin will not be V.P. until 2009. She is very popular.

  4. But she ran up $20 million of debt for 5000 people in a few years, on stadiums and shit. Scaled up to the country, that'd be not quite $2 trillion... she's clearly perfectly qualified to be a Republican president. :)

  5. Sarah, I agree with you completely.


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