Here Comes the Rain

Yesterday there was a thunderstorm in Bloomington that caused flash flooding.  As I was walking from one class to another through water that flowed well over my ankle, I realized I wasn't upset about the downpour.  In fact, I was rather enjoying it.  Perhaps if I hadn't been without rain for the whole summer I would have felt differently, but I just couldn't help splashing through the streets as I went (though I don't think the other people on the street fully appreciated my splashing).


  1. I have to admit, I'd like to go splashing through some flooding. Especially if I got some waders. I had waders when I lived there, and I sold them before I moved. It was the right decision, and I don't miss the waders. But I miss _needing_ them, sometimes.

  2. It rains every single day in Mexico City, so I'm rather sick of it. Thursday it absolutely poured while I was walking home from class, and even with my umbrella, I ended up completely drenched. My tennis shoes are still wet, so I've been wearing dress shoes ever since. In October begins the dry season, and I am looking forward to it.


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