Street View

For those of you who don't use Google products religiously:
1. Shame on you.
2. Street View is a feature of Google Maps. It allows you to click on a street (or type in an address) and get a 360 degree view as if you were sitting in traffic in the middle of the street. They accomplish this by driving a car around this country (and others, including Japan and Australia) with eight cameras mounted on the top. The car looks like this.

Anyway, they decided to remap the Google campus and take a portrait of Googlers.

You can see me with some other interns here (under the red umbrella) or with the people I worked with here (I walked across the block so I'd get on it twice).

Before I'd even thought about working at Google, I thought it would be SO cool to be on street view, or even just to see the funny camera mounted car drive by. Google is just a place where magical dreams come true. Like Disney Land!

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