While I was unpacking I found a stash of ticket stubs from last year. I thought I'd list them here before I threw them away.

A Prairie Home Companion
The Chieftains
RENT (in Indianapolis)
Plane Ticket from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh
Plane Ticket from Indianapolis to New York
NYC MetroCard
Dalai Lama of Tibet
Vagina Monologues
Chocolate Fest


  1. Hey, Sarah. The fact that I'm on the internet again atests to the fact that I am still procrastinating ... Urgh. I really don't want to read these silly books.

    I have tried to get the English version of all of them! I went to two different bookstores in my attempt to no avail. You can find English books here, but it's pretty limited. Also, since I'm trying to become fluent in Spanish, I probably ought to read them in Spanish ... I would definitely not be opposed to reading at least one of them in English, though! I doubt my teachers would mind (or know, for that matter). It would probably be harder to write about them in Spanish after reading them in English, though, which would be the only downside, and a relatively minor one.

  2. Oh, and for some reason, finding pictures of them on the internet did not actually occur to me. Ha ha.


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