Home Again, Home Again

I've been back in my Bloomington apartment for exactly one week. Welcome Week (the week when the Freshmen move in before classes start) is always my favorite week of the year. After I've moved in all of my boxes, I get to rearrange the furniture and organize everything the way I wished I had done it the year before (but was too lazy and busy to actually change anything). And with all of my free time before classes start I can actually spend time during the day reading in my living room, reconnecting with friends after the summer, and doing all sorts of things I enjoy. And let's not forget one of the best parts about Welcome Week, there is free food everywhere. It's a shame that classes will start on Tuesday and interrupt all of this fun.

Now that most things are unpacked (though we haven't hung the pictures yet, and my room still needs a little work), here are some photos of my apartment.

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  1. Ah, that orange chair is a sight for sore eyes. I'm beginning to think I really shall steal it.


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