Ego and Hubris

I've just started reading my first graphic novel. For those of you who aren't familiar with the style, it is essentially a comic book written for adults. The novel is "Ego and Hubris" by Harvey Pekar. If his name sounds familiar, it's possible that you watched the semi-obscure movie "American Splendor" based loosely on his life.

Harvey Pekar is by far the most cynical author I've ever read. A bit surprising since on first glance the novel looks like a little picture book. This concerns me quite a bit - I can imagine some poor person, bummed out, and looking for a light and funny comic to cheer them up. Unknowingly they pick up something by Pekar... and everything gets worse.

Luckily I've been in a great mood, so his dark humor is a perfect balance. Though I'm not sure how I feel about graphic novels in general... I like my Times New Roman font.

Finally, if you're wondering what has happened to my posting between March and now, it moved here temporarily while I was temporarily moved to California.


  1. Hi, Sarah. Are you done with your google internship and back in Indiana?

    As for asking for "agua fresca" ... Probably they would just be confused. My fear in trying it would be that usually the water they give you is purified "agua purificada" or bottled. I'm afraid that if I said "agua fresca", then they would say, "Aha! She wants sink water!" Which probably doesn't make much sense.

    At present, I seem to be at risk of gaining weight. All meals are big here -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I keep eating more than I normally would in an attempt to please whoever prepared my meal. I just ate a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, a glass of juice, and a banana for breakfast. This seems like a lot to me, although lunch isn't until around 2:00, so if I just eat bread, I nearly starve to death by lunch.

    It's too bad you aren't here with me. You would be a fun travel buddy.


  2. Oh, and once classes start, I probably won't be as good of a blogger. I just have a lot of time right now.

  3. ....must require a lot of graph paper.

    P.S. The changing photos are neato!


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