Hunting Liberals

An overheard conversation among army soldiers in the Union (they evidently had some time to spare):

"What do you want to do?"
"Let's go find some liberals..." (insert punching motion here)

I considered making their search easier and turning myself in, but I was late for class, and I figured on the IU campus they wouldn't have to search too hard anyway.


  1. Huh. It's sad when people in a college environment act like illiterate hillbillies. It degrades both the college, and illiterate hillbillies.

  2. Sarah, I make thoughtless comments, too. However, we would not be free, perhaps not even alive, if not for the U.S. military. I thank servicemen sometimes when I get the chance. And I watch about a hundred ROTC students work hard early every morning. What would have happened if you had taken a moment and said "I'm a liberal, but I very much appreciate your military service. Thank you."? Dad


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