On Saturday morning (somewhere around 5am) I'll be leaving Bloomington in a stretch SUV limo to the airport and then to Reno, NV. I'm going with about five other undergraduates from IU to compete in a Cluster Computing challenge at the Super Computing conference that will be there. I'll be gone for the whole week. I probably won't get any sleep during that time

Then I'll be home for a two day school week, and on that Tuesday I'll leave for Kansas City!! I'll be in KC until Sunday morning.

I am so excited about this trip, I can't even express it. Thinking about Kansas City and my friends there will be the only thing to get me through the next two weeks. See you all soon!

Math Joke:

What did one math book say to the other?

I've got problems.

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  1. Teacher: "Name a good conductor of electricity."
    Student: ""
    Teacher: "Correct!"


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