The Georgia Aquarium

So, Atlanta claims to have the world's largest aquarium. I don't believe they have more varieties of fish than other aquariums that I've been to, however they did have a HUGE tank with a few whale sharks in it!

Despite the awesome size of the whale sharks, they were not what I wanted to see most. In fact, the sea nettles were what I was most excited about. Unfortunately, their tank looked like this...

The scuba tank cleaner was actually drawing a rather large crowd. I wonder if he was more interesting to some than the sea nettles would have been. Alas.

I took too many pictures to put up here, so I'm posting the rest in an album on flickr.

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  1. They have whale sharks?! That is so awesome! I really want to see one of those guys. Of course, sea nettles are pretty darn sweet as well. I'm sorry that they were temporarily replaced by the scuba guy.


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