Problem from Cryptography

Consider the following situation: Government A, Government B, and Government C are hostile to each other, but the common threat of Antarctica looms over them. They each send a delegation consisting of 10 members to an international summit to consider the threat that Antarctica's penguins pose to world security. They decide to keep a watchful eye on their tuxedoed rivals. However, they also decide that if the birds get too rowdy, then they will launch a full-force attack on Antarctica. Using secret sharing techniques, describe how they can arrange to share the launch codes so that it is necessary that three members from delegation A, four members from delegation B, and two members from C cooperate to reconstruct the launch codes.

Who says mathematicians aren't funny?


  1. Ha! That is quite amusing. But this is from a math class? It sounds like you're learning how to do code work for the CIA or something. What's a secret sharing technique? It sounds rather suspicious--and secret...

    On another note: thank you for the lovely birthday card :)

  2. Is your address changing over the summer? (Sorry if I already asked you that... I can't remember now if I did).


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