How Angry is Your Vagina?

About a year ago I went to a production of The Vagina Monologues, a play based on a book by Eve Ensler. I was deeply moved by the stories that were retold. I laughed and cried and felt for each of the women. If anyone hears of a production of the Vagina Monologues near them, I highly recommend you go.

A few days ago I heard from a friend that The Vagina Monologues were having auditions and that no acting experience was required. At first I thought, "There is no way I have the guts to stand on stage and talk about Vaginas in front of a huge audience." But as the week went on and the auditions approached, I realized that I would always regret not trying to be a part of something that had impacted me so much.

So I went to the auditions, and after answering a few awkward questions, including "If my vagina were a song, what song would it be?" I was given a slip of paper with my reading on it. It began, "My vagina is Angry! It is. It is Pissed off! My vagina is furious and it needs to talk. It needs to talk about all this shit! And it needs to talk to you..." Now, I don't want to leave you with the impression that the monologues are about pissed off vaginas, though that may be a part of it, it is a collection of individual stories, including those of women who's vaginas are apparently quite angry. Anyway, I read my part and had a great time with it. I did not make call backs (evidently my vagina just isn't angry enough), but I will always look back fondly on the time that I stood up and shouted "Vagina Motherfuckers" to an audience of eight women.


  1. I think the Vagina Monologues might have been here..., but if they were, I missed them. I'll try to keep an eye out in the future, however.

    It seems like everyone is trying out for stuff... It sort of makes me want to do something theatrical, even if it were just something with my brother or a small group of friends. Hmm.

    In case I don't get a chace to write or anything within the next few days, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. What a coincidence! I was on facebook today, and I noticed on that newsfeed that someone I know is going to Vagina Monologue auditions, which means, I'm assuming, that it will be coming to our school sometime this year! Weird, huh?


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