What happened to Fall?

I have to say that Bloomington is one of the most beautiful places I've been in the Fall. (See updated photos for evidence.) Unfortunately the weather so far this season has gone from quite warm to frigidly cold rather rapidly. I watched the leaves change color while I was still running around in tank tops. I'm not sure if it is because I studied through the shift from Summer to Winter, or if Indiana doesn't have the long, in between time that we have in Kansas, but I cry a little inside every time I have to put on my heaviest coat and pick out my warmest scarf and hat before I leave for class (I know, Mandy, it's colder in Colorado). Perhaps with the fickle weather of the Midwest we'll get a week of mildly cool weather before the first snow; one can only hope.

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  1. Hey Sarah. I'm sorry to hear that you missed fall too. We had several weeks of windy, snowy, hail-y weather. Bleh. It was in the upper forties today and yesterday so I celebrated with tank tops. Heehee. We're so much alike. I hope you get some warm sunny days and a pleasant halloween. Miss you.


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