Johnny Appleseed

This weekend I drove up to Fort Wayne with my cousin (who also goes to Indiana University) and stayed with my mom at my grandparents house. Although the visit put me a little behind in most of my classes, I had a great time.

While I was there, I went to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. My mom has been trying to get me to this festival since I was a very small child. Of course it was never a good enough reason to let me miss school (a fact I ardently disagreed with), so it was not until this year that I was able to attend.

For those of you not from the state of Indiana, the Johnny Appleseed festival revolves around apples and pilgrims. If you're from Kansas City, imagine the Renaissance Festival, but with pilgrims and the civil war.

Everything there was measured in scoops and pecks. There were stands offering all kinds of apple foods... and I stopped at most of them. Can you believe I had never had apple dumplings until this weekend? I think I've found a new favorite food. I'll have to find a recipe for them (and then put it on Food Updates if it works out!). I didn't buy anything inedible at the festival, but I enjoyed looking at all of the arts and crafts that were for sale (and later commenting with my mom that we could make whatever they were selling, and that it would probably turn out better and cost less money (even though we know this isn't really true, and that we'll never have enough time to do it)).

Now I'm off to make something less tasty than apple dumplings for dinner.

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  1. I haven't had apple dumplings before either.

    I have no idea what my username is for blogger, and I have no idea how to find out what it is. That's why I haven't been posting to food updates.. Did it say in your invite email what my username is?


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