Cost: One Arm and a Leg

I bought the books I'm going to need for this semester. I was happy to find that I only need four books. Unfortunately those four together cost me $300. They were all fairly small books (which will be nice when I have to lug them to class). Their pages add up to 2,248. This means that I have just spent over 13 cents per page. Also, since most profs only use about half of the chapters in their books anyway, it would be safe to say that I just paid 20 cents for every page of material I will cover. For that, I could have borrowed someone else's book and made copies of it in the library. This is, unfortunately, illegal. I think this year I might actually read my text books since they are costing me so much.


  1. I'm so very glad to hear that you enjoy my biology posts!! I get quite excited about some of the topics and enjoy researching and writing for them (perhaps a little to much...), but sometimes I wonder if anyone else gets pleasure out of them as well. Knowing that you do just makes my day and encourages me not to give up on my current informative format for posts that are more, um, traditional.

    On another note, moving-in has gone quite well. I finished the last of my unpacking this afternoon and the last of my decorating (which is just as important) this evening. Half the room is very empty since I have not room-mate as of yet, but I have to fight the need to jazz it up in case someone does move in a few weeks. Well, I'll tell you more about it all later. Bye!

  2. It is legal to copy textbooks you have bought. If you do that and then return the books within the two week deadline, you're set.


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