The Ghosts of Dress Barn

Several of my coworkers have expressed a fear of closing the store. They claim that the store is haunted: they hear noises when they are alone, modems mysteriously quit working, and door alarms go off without provocation. Although I have witnessed these events myself, putting ghosts at fault for their occurrences seems a little absurd. I think it's a poor ruse to convince the manager to assign another associate to close the store. I also blame all the technical difficulties on the fact that the majority of the people who work in the store have worked in nothing but retail and are, for the most part, dumbfounded when it comes to anything electrical or computer related.

Speaking of ghosts... I saw the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" today. Despite what the critics say, it was incredible. This critic gives it five stars; a must-see of the summer.

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  1. I work in one of the Sacramento locations and I've had a few personal errie experiences myself! I keep trying to look up the history to see if anyone has passed away in that shopping center (we've only been there about 10 years or so) but I'm not having any luck with it.


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