Not In Kansas Anymore

The truth is I am still in Kansas, and I love being here. It's sad, but I feel more at home when I'm on Metcalf Ave. than I have anywhere else in almost a year. How strange. I like my new blog's title, so if its inaccuracy can be overlooked for the next couple of months I think I will keep it.
Currently, it is 7:30am. Why am I awake and blogging at this ungodly hour? I applied for a job at First Watch yesterday and was told by Matt, mgr., that he would call me between 7am and 8am today. So here I am, quietly passing perfectly good sleeping hours in anticipation of a phone call. If he is anything like all of the other managers I have spoken with, he will not call and my loss of sleep is for naught. Instead I will call him every day or so for the next week and he will effectively avoid me. So it goes.
(I just learned how to link things. Perhaps I'm over using the privilege?)
Perhaps a real blog was a bad idea; I've only written a paragraph and a half and already I'm out of exciting news (not that First Watch was really that exciting to begin with). I should get off of my computer and have some experiences before I continue.

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