Job Update

First Watch didn't call, so I went back to sleep. When I woke up I got dressed and went to the restaurant to talk with Matt in person. I'm now supposed to call a different manager tomorrow. On a more positive note, I turned in an application at dress barn and, after a rather extensive personality profiling test, the manager told me that all I had to do was meet with her assistant manager on Thursday and I will be able to start working on Monday. Almost exactly the same words that Jiffy Lube used. I guess I'll wait and see. I won't believe anything they say until I fill out some paper work.


  1. I'm mostly just checking to see if I can leave comments even though I'm not signed on to this site or anything. This new site is very pretty, by the way. I also like your photo. :)

  2. I noticed that you used the word "asthetic" in a previous post. That reminds me of my horrible Exposition and Argumentation class at Rolla. I had to proof-read this guy's paper, and he kept saying "anesthetic" instead of "aesthetic." I proof-read it multiple times, and he never changed it even though I marked it as a wrong word every time.


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