I just met the most amazing woman. Her name is Floralba and she is from Columbia. She lives down the street from me and was having a garage sale. I stopped to look at what she had and asked if she had computer speakers. She had some trouble with her English, so I asked where she was from. When she replied that she was from Columbia I told her I spoke a little Spanish. We got into a conversation--half Spanish, half English--and decided that I would come back some time and I would help her with English and she would help me with Spanish. A great idea! She's been living in the U.S. for about 2 years now, but her children have been living here much longer. One of her sons actually teaches a class at Indiana University in Indianapolis! She's married to a man from Mexico who travels around the country a lot, so she lives alone when she's not traveling with him. I'm so excited to get to know her and find out about her life in Columbia (and to practice my Spanish)!

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  1. I just can't stop admiring our pop-up card! I absolutely love the moving bear--I keep making him slide out and slide back away repeatedly--it's so addictive! I think that the pull tab is your best pop-up effect yet. You're the bomb-diggity, Sarah. :)


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